SEA Membership

We offer an annual membership that, with advance notice, renews automatically:

1-Year SEA Membership
25.00 every 12 months

A 1-Year Membership to SEA from the date payment is received.

Additional Gift
from 10.00

An additional gift to help support the work of SEA.

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Join by Mail

You can also join by mail. Print the membership application and mail the completed form with your check payable to Southeast Evanston Association to:

Southeast Evanston Association
P.O. Box 5003
Evanston, IL 60204-5003

Membership Application Form is available here »

The SEA Area

Membership in the Southeast Evanston Association is open to all residents living in Evanston between:

  • Calvary Cemetery on the South,

  • Lake Michigan on the East,

  • Clark Street on the North, and

  • Chicago Avenue on the West.


Why join SEA?

When an issue affects you or your home, SEA is here to help you.

Some of the issues that SEA has supported and helped to adopt are:

  • Downzoning properties along both Chicago Avenue and Main Street.

  • Increased parking requirements for multi-family and retail developments.

  • Limiting the number of lakefront park events to better balance the needs of neighbors and the community.

  • Guidelines for lake recreational use by boats, windsurfers and jet skiers to reduce noise impact and protect swimmers.