Council resolutions for Autobarn expansion


On Monday night August 11, the City Council will address the final batch of agreements relating to The Autobarn’s expansion to a new facility at 222 Hartrey (site of the long-closed Shure Microphone factory).  The City previously approved agreements providing property tax reduction and TIF construction funding for the Hartrey property. 

Monday night’s resolutions are to approve:

  1. a 4-year Sales Tax Sharing Agreement covering The Autobarn’s Mazda, Nissan, and Volkswagen dealerships, including a “good neighbor” agreement relating to access to the Hartrey property and
  2. a Sales Tax Sharing Agreement covering The Autobarn’s new Fiat dealership on Chicago Avenue.  This second agreement requires The Autobarn, within one year of the opening of the Fiat dealership, to (a) relocate Mazda and Fiat service from Chicago Avenue to the Hartrey facility, (b) remove a door to the alley behind 1033 Chicago Avenue, and (c) install a sound-attenuating fence in the alley from 1015 to 1033 Chicago Avenue.  These provisions in part respond to long-standing concerns from The Autobarn’s Hinman Avenue neighbors about traffic volume and noise levels in the alley between them and The Autobarn. 

The City Council’s Agenda and Meeting Packet for August 11 will be posted two days prior to the meeting at the Council's web page.  Video of the meeting will be available at this same web page several days after the meeting.

How SEA sees it

The Southeast Evanston Association supports responsible development that is respectful to the neighborhood and beneficial to the city and all residents of Evanston.

Posted on August 7, 2014 .