SEA Opposes Northwestern’s Subdivision Proposal

Northwestern University has submitted a proposal to the Evanston Preservation Commission to subdivide its campus east of Sheridan Road into several lots.  Most of these lots would tightly surround landmarked buildings.  A single lot would contain everything else.  The purpose of this proposal appears to be to remove the construction/demolition/modification of buildings on most of the east campus from the oversight of the Preservation Commission, including the majority of the Sheridan Road streetscape along the campus. 

SEA has delivered a letter to the Preservation Commission opposing this proposal.

The Preservation Commission will vote on this proposal at its meeting on Wednesday, March 4th, 7pm in the Council Chambers at the Civic Center.  There will be an opportunity for citizen comment.  SEA will speak on the subject, and if you have an opinion you want to share with the Commission, please think about attending the meeting. 

If the Preservation Commission disapproves Northwestern’s proposal, Northwestern may appeal this decision to the City Council at one of its regular meetings, possibly as early as Monday, March 9th.  If this happens, it will present another opportunity for SEA and individual citizens to express their opinions on the proposal.   

Posted on February 27, 2015 .