Evanston City Council will decide Harley-Clarke's Fate

Evanston Lakehouse & Gardens sent this announcement out regarding this important city council meeting.


"We have BIG news! The Harley Clarke Planning Committee, the Parks and Recreation Board, and the Lighthouse Landing Committee are recommending the Evanston Lakehouse Plan to City Council.

On June 26th, the City Council will consider a resolution to move forward with ELHG’s plan, and instruct City staff to negotiate and enter into a lease agreement with us. Now we need your help to make sure City Council knows that there is broad community support for our effort. Here's how you can help:Email City Council and the Mayor to let them know you support our plan. It just takes 2 clicks! Click here to send the email.Show up to City Council on June 26th at 7pm to show your support.Make a donation or a pledge so we can demonstrate to City Council that we have broad financial support. We already have $39,000 in pledges and counting!Forward this email to your friends and neighbors so they can express their voice too.This tremendous progress reflects your support and the hard work our volunteers have put in over the past 9 months. We have been working with the Harley Clarke Planning Committee which was appointed by Mayor Tisdahl in October 2016. The Planning Committee was composed of Alderwoman Revelle, Lawrence Hemingway (the Director of the Parks and Recreation Department), representatives from the Parks and Recreation Board, and representatives from the Lighthouse Landing Committee. The Planning Committee, after having studied various opportunities for the long-term use of the building is recommending the Evanston Lakehouse plan to City Council. This includes resolutions and consensus recommendations from the Parks and Rec Board and Lighthouse Landing. As part of the Planning Committee process, we participated in a community meeting at which Evanston residents expressed overwhelming support for our vision.

We are so grateful for your ongoing support and engagement. We look forward to seeing many of you on June 26th and taking the next step in realizing our vision for a community Lakehouse for all.

Your friends at the Bakehouse"