Cameron Davis to Speak at SEA Annual Meeting

2017 SEA Annual Meeting
6:30 pm
October 23  
Homestead of Evanston (1625 Hinman Ave.)

Join us for an hour of networking prior to our annual meeting including Cameron Davis' talk.

All are welcome to attend the meeting. Only SEA members will vote during the meeting portion. Memberships are available online here or at the annual meeting.

SEA is proud to announce our Annual Meeting guest speaker for 2017. Cameron Davis will talk about his career as an advocate and champion of the Great Lakes.

For two terms, he served as President Barack Obama’s Great Lakes “czar.” In that capacity, he was the Administration’s liaison to Congress and coordinated 11 federal departments—including the White House Council on Environmental Quality, Departments of Interior, Homeland Security, Agriculture, Army Corps of Engineers, EPA and others—under the largest Great Lakes-centric investment in U.S. history. Before that, he was President & CEO of the Alliance for the Great Lakes, a professor at the University of Michigan Law School and litigating attorney. He started his career as a volunteer. He is 60,000 words into a writing new book about the fight to save the Great Lakes.

Davis is an author, lawyer, small business owner, political strategist, conservationist, volunteer and father.

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